Being a Neighbor

There are many instances where a situation would tug at my heart strings and move me to reach out and do something. Often, I do. But there are occasions I find all sorts of reasons not to help. Like the priest, I look away and turn my head so I do not see anymore. Or, like the Levite, I cross over to the other side of the road to avoid contact.

I would rationalize such actions in various ways: the man does not really need my help; or, he is faking it so I will not extend a helping hand; or, I have my own troubles so let him take care of his own; or, I will help out next time.

Yet, I know that there is always something I can give if I really decide to. For no man is so poor as not to be able to give something anytime. Often those who have less in life are even more generous than those who have everything. And the greatest way to give is to do so anonymously, in secret. Always, it is a choice. I pray for a stronger and deeper spirit of generosity.

The Lord will remember his covenant for ever.
~ Psalm 111

But a Samaritan traveler who came upon him
was moved with compassion at the sight.
He approached the victim,
poured oil and wine over his wounds and bandaged them.
Then he lifted him up on his own animal,
took him to an inn, and cared for him.
Luke 10:33-34

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