Nature Alive Means People Alive


A swollen Coyote Creek, a tributary of the Guadalupe River in San Jose, CA

Life is so powerful it will not be denied. Life will always find a way to express itself. Living in the Santa Clara/Silicon Valley has made me even more appreciative of this fact. San Jose sits at the confluence of many creeks as it flows out into the San Francisco Bay. There are many riparian areas here where there is a such confluence of sea, mountains, skies, and the rivers creates a hospitable ecology to support many life forms and different species. Such confluences make for a very rich biodiversity. This is paralleled by the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of the people living in the Valley. In this environment, it is very inspiring to see the Church celebrating this diversity, both in nature and in its people. I love it that the Diocese of San Jose has prioritized social justice, empowering the laity and formation of the youth in its pastoral ministry. Life is in its fullness in the Valley and the Spirit is abroad in this land.

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