There is so much conflict, turmoil and violence in the world today
– in and among individuals, in families, in societies, in and among nations.
This turmoil is often but a reflection and an echo
of the storms and tempests raging within us.

There is a hunger within us crying to be satisfied.
But even with food, there is a lingering hunger within that remains unsatisfied.
We seek to slake and relieve it with other ‘foods’ – pleasure, fantasy, vainglory.
Nothing works to ever satisfy that big yawning hunger
– in fact, a big hole – within us.
It takes a while for us to realize that
that emptiness within is reserved but for one Person.

We are distracted from physical pleasures and yearn for wealth, power and fame.
This is a lusting much stronger than our craving for food.
But we sooner or later also realize these are ephemeral.
What people consider wealth, power or fame today
may be but trash for the garbage bing tomorrow.

Then, we try to pretend we are in control.
This is the greatest temptation of man,
to pretend that he is in control.
We make our own happiness.
We create our own illusions of what life is all about.
But that big gaping gap within remains.
There is only One who can fill that unfathomable hole.

We all long for peace and serenity.
Only by going back where we came from can we ever have those.

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