To Sacrifice is To Give Up & Give It Away


Lent is a time of sacrifices, of giving away and offering up of pleasures and possessions.

There is something about material possessions that warp that human soul and distorts it’s values. Even in death and in the afterlife, the rich man still considered Lazarus his servant. He would have him come and cross the great divide between them just to quench and cool his tongue. He would have him go and tell his brothers to repent.

In todays’ world, it is difficult for me to understand why people who have already more than enough would want still more. Or, why would people cling on to things they do not need but which other people do. Why does it seem that there is no limit to people wanting more and more.

And real sacrifice is not only giving up but also giving away. It makes no sense to give up chocolates for Lent and then binge on them in Easter. It is not meritorious to give shopping in Lent only to be able to save money for a luxury purchase later on. It is not really a sacrifice to fast only because one wants to lose weight. Whatever is saved from not eating chocolates or not going on a shopping spree or staying away from food should be given away to those who need.

When it comes to material possessions and relating to others, there is great wisdom in the spirituality that tells us that it is giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

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