Longing For Cleansing

We burn our garbage and thrash,
Dirty smoke rises into the atmosphere.
The sky takes up all our dirt
Transforms it into clouds, clean and clear.

We throw our wastes into the ocean.
Our rubbish flows into the sea.
The waters washes away all the grime.
And it’s now an ocean blue we see.

What if our filth and toxins
overwhelm the sea and sky;
And their power to purify
would also fade and die?

Who’ll save us then from our pollution?
We’ve brought about our own destruction.
Where do we go to seek our salvation?
We gaze, we wait, searching the horizon.

This is the season for hopeful waiting.
We know that we have sinned.
We cannot clean ourselves of our evil.
Will our redemption come blowing in the wind.


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2 Responses to Longing For Cleansing

  1. Jose Raoul C Dizon says:

    Beautiful poem, Verne. One of the best of what i’ve read of yours. Thanks for sharing it.

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