Some Random Thoughts


In my youth I loved to collect sayings and quotations.
One of my all-time favorite is this one from The Little Prince:
“One sees rightly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eyes.”
And quite related to that is this one from Blaise Pascal:
“The heart has its reasons which reason itself does not understand.”

Our senses are our windows to the world.
In computerese, they are our input devices
through which we gather data and information.
But our senses can sometimes deceive and even limit our perception.
With faith , I can see more of the world around me and the meaning there is
– sometimes even with my eyes closed, specially with my eyes closed.
All I need is to keep still and be silent.

Hunger and thirst drive men to seek food and water to survive.
Without food and water, man would perish and die.
Yet when this basic hunger and thirst for food and water is satisfied,
men seek to quench a deeper hunger and thirst in order to thrive.
Primal hunger and thirst tell us we lack something to keep on living.
Human hunger and thirst tell us we need something more than just food and water
to make life worth living.

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