In the Face of Evil


In the face of all the evil and imperfections in this world,
of which I am often a part of and a contributor,
my efforts to make good may seem puny and even futile.
Sometimes, it seems Satan is gaining the upper hand in the cosmic battle against evil.
Good people are persecuted or misunderstood.
Bad ones prosper and have the power and fame.

‘Satan’ means ‘adversary’ and refers to all that stands against the goodness of God.
I may live in an economic environment
where greed and selfishness are glorified as virtues.
I may live in a social environment
where taking advantage of the weak and the helpless is deemed acceptable.
I may live under a corrupt government,
where bad legislation oppresses the innocent,
and unfair taxes enrich the powerful.

By myself, there does not seem much I can do.
Much less change an institution or even the people in it.
But I may be called by God to protest against wrong-doing
or to proclaim what is good and true,
or to celebrate and propagate what is beautiful.
I can also pray!

The cross used to be the mark of a criminal.
Now, it is the symbol of the triumph of good over evil,
of life over death and of light over darkness.

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