A Daily Miracle


One of the deepest truth in my life is that fact that I am not a random event.
I did not come into existence as a fortuitous confluence of atoms and molecules.
I have been willed into existence deliberately and lovingly.
And everyday, I am consciously re-gifted with this life in love.
When I begin to realize and appreciate this daily miracle,
everything around me takes on the aura of the sacred and the divine.

If life is a daily miracle,
why am I so insistent in looking for a sign of God’s presence in my life?
A baby needs no words nor any other sign
than the warm embrace of his mother to know
that she is present to ease his pains or allay his anxieties.
My ears have been deafened by all the noise around me.
My eyes have been blinded by the glitter of false gold and fake treasures.
My heart has been hardened by the many little cares I have burdened myself with.
I have been jaundiced by my pride, selfishness and greed.
I only need to see the grandeur there is in nature or
the goodness there is in people I have been blessed with
to realize that there is a loving Presence
that guides and leads my daily life
into untold and often unseen miracles.

Tomorrow, Lent begins.
A period of fasting and abstinence.
A period for reliving and remembering the greatest love story ever.
I need to abstain from all the noise and distraction
to open my eyes and ears to the presence of God in my life.
I need to fast from pleasures to break my heart of stone
to again feel the presence of God in the people He sends into my life.

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