To Listen, Be Open.

“Whoever listens to you listens to me.
Whoever rejects you rejects me.
And whoever rejects me rejects the one who sent me.”
~ Luke 10:16

Oh when will be ever learn?

When a man with power and authority speaks, most people listen even when he spews out inanities or outright prevarications. One only has to look at many of our political leaders. But when the weak and powerless speak the truth, they are dismissed as deserving of their fate or their truth is diminished and downright disregarded.

When a rich person speaks, people assume he knows what he is talking about even though he might be robbing people blind or cheating them out of their resources. One only has to look at the wolves of Wall Street. But when the poor and the impoverished speak of their needs, people turn their heads away or close their ears.

When a famous personality speaks, the world stops and shrieks in delight even if what their star has to say does not make ant sense at all. One only has to witness the endless time and resources people engage in star-watching. But when the neglected ones of the world speak out, they are dissed as radicals, rebels and rabble-rousers.

Oh, when will be ever see or hear or feel?

“Lord, open my eyes that I may see.
Open my ear that I may hear.
Open my mouth that I may pray.
Open my heart that I may love.
Open my hands that I may serve.”

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