To Love Is To Give

When a large crowd gathered, with people from one town after another
journeying to Jesus, he spoke in a parable.
“A sower went out to sow his seed. . . .”
~ Luke 8:4

I once saw on YouTube a video of a seahorse giving birth. It is the male seahorse that gets pregnant and gives birth to thousands of baby seahorses. It is an awesome sight watching the father seahorse squirting out those baby seahorses, hundreds aster hundreds of them. Eventually, he stops and rests as he last baby gets out of his belly. He gives and gives until there is no more to give.

I imagine it is the same with God creating the universe. By just saying the word or just thinking about it, God creates the universe. Not only in the beginning of time but until today. Even as our sun is 4.5 billion years old, new stars continue being created everyday. Once, scientists believed we lived in a stable universe – already made and completely done. Today, they say we live in an expansionary universe. And it may just go on expanding infinitely, as Giordano Bruno once intuited. The male seahorse has a finite number of babies to give. But God is an infinite source and He can go on giving forever.

This is God’s nature. He gives and keeps on giving. He gives freely and without any conditions. He gives because He is love. And whatever He gives, reflects and echoes His goodness, His beauty, and His truth.

Jesus, the Son of God, also showed His nature is to give and to give unconditionally and without limits. He gave joy and healing to the sick and afflicted. He gave hope and inspiration to the poor and the oppressed. He gave enlightenment and wisdom to those seeking meaning and purpose in their lives. To those, who followed Him, He promised to give eternal life and rest. His stories were all about giving: the Father of the Prodigal son giving his love and forgiveness; the Good Samaritan giving aid and comfort to the man who well among robbers; the Sower casting and giving to sow his seeds; the Good Shepherd willing to give up His life for flock. And indeed, in the end, Jesus gave up his life in obedience to the father and to save us from our sins and wretchedness.

“Lord Father of all Creation, you gifted us with life and continue to do so with your infinite love. Teach us through your Son Jesus to give generously and unconditionally as you, who are our Source, have shown us through your creation.”


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