What We Seek To Possess Already Possesses Us

“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”
~ Matthew 5:48

Everything alive seeks an energy source.
Microorganisms will strain and stretch
to get to the light and the warmth.
Plants and flowers twist and turn in whatever direction
to soak in the rays of the sun.

We too seek food to fuel our body and keep it alive.
But it is not simply life we seek.
We strive not simply to keep alive,
we also seek the fulness of that life.
We seek the light and the warmth
Not just to stay alive but there is also beauty in them.
And when we seek beauty, we seek its perfection.

Life. Light. Beauty.
There is truth to the reality of man’s existence.
We seek the depths of this truth,
but the deeper to search, the more profound it becomes.
We keep on exploring the horizon
but the horizon keeps of getting wider, bigger, farther.

In the end of all our searching, our yearning, our exploring
We discover that what we seek to possess
actually possesses us.
We realize that what we want to hold in the palm of our hands
actually holds us in His palm.
We learn that what we want to grasp and comprehend
actually envelops and enfolds us in His loving care.

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