Sleeping as Prayer


I have this strange notion that we are closest to God when we are asleep.
When we are awake, so many things demand our attention.
When we are asleep, our senses are at rest and so is our consciousness.
But our subconscious and unconscious are active.
Undistracted by our senses and consciousness,
that is when we can be most open to God.
It is no wonder that in many of the readings during the Christmas season,
there were many instances God spoke his message to people in their sleep.
Joseph was told of his role in our Salvation History through his dreams.
The Magi were instructed to go another route in their dreams.

When I am asleep, I may be “dead” to the world;
but I am fully alive: I breathe, my body functions are active
cleansing my body of toxins, my brain clears my mind of all the clutter.
And in the process, cleaning my mind of its cluttering.
There have been many times, I go to bed mulling a problem
and when I wake up in the morning, I usually have the makings of a solution.
My night prayer is always, “Lord be with me in my sleep.”
I am actually saying, “See you in my dreams, Lord.”
Indeed, I often dream of the last things on my mind the moment I fall asleep.
Yes, my sleep is a prayer.
I feel that God is most present to me when I am asleep.

Just wondering if this makes sense.
Just wondering if this is the real thing.

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