Rediscovering And Recovering Our Basic Goodness

When Jesus saw her, he called to her and said,
“Woman, you are set free of your infirmity.”
He laid his hands on her,
and she at once stood up straight and glorified God
and the whole crowd rejoiced at all the splendid deeds done by him.
~ Luke 13:12-13,17

There is deep within every man a desire to make things right and beautiful, to do good and make everyone happy, to speak the truth and to proclaim the basic goodness and righteousness in all persons. One only needs to look at children to realize that we were all born good and loving. We learn anger, hatred, pride and all the other vices when we grow up and become expose to the so-called realities of life.

Christ came to show us how to rediscover and recover our basic goodness and righteousness. he makes a sick woman whole and heals her. On a Sabbath. Most everyone rejoices. But not the priests and the leaders. Because He did the good work on the Sabbath. How many such occasions we encounter in our world today?

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