Do Good Anyway

Jesus said to the disciples,
“The hour is coming when everyone who kills you
will think he is offering worship to God.”
~ John 16:2

It is the conundrum of all ages: why do good men suffer and bad people prosper?

The choice for a Philippines President is seems to be a candidate who is more than willing to break the rules he vows to enforce if only to get things done; and the candidate who follows the rules is seen to be indecisive and lacking in charisma because his honorable lifestyle seems to be so unexciting.

I was once doing a project with one of the biggest agency in the national government. The long-term objective was to ensure there was honesty and transparency in their processes and procedures. I saw how government bureaucracy can be often times very slow and tedious because of all the rules and safeguards that have been put in place to prevent corruption. The good people wanted to follow all the rules. The bad ones did not care about the rules. So, if you wanted to get things done fast, you went to those who did not follow the rules or who knew how or were willing to break them.

Still in all, I chose to be good. I am not always successful. Together with Mother Teresa, I pray that even as good men suffer and pad people prosper, I will chose to do good anyway.

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