Changes Happen Through The Poor

Today is the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

When God decided to send His only begotten Son to take on our humanity, He chose not a princess nor someone from royalty but a poor maiden from a poor remote town to be the mother.

When the Son of God began His proclamation of the Kingdom of God, He chose as His apostles (“those sent”) not generals nor kings nor philosophers nor sages but ordinary and poor fishermen and workers.

Whenever in the history of men revolutionary and radical changes take place, these changes are often driven not by the elite but by the poor and the masses. The elite are often the conservatives who would want to maintain the status quo.

“God our Father we thank you for your great love for us, specially the poor. When in the fullness of time your Son was to take on our humanity, you chose a poor and simple maiden to be His mother. Thank you for the gift that Mary has been in our lives, a perfect model of being obedient to your will.”

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