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Perfect Combinations

There are certain things in life that do not just go together, like oil and water never mix. But there are also certain things that, as we struggle through life, seem to go naturally together, like blood sweat and tears. … Continue reading

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A World Without Children Is a Sad World.

I came across this news item recently (, which placed the cost of raising a child today till the ageĀ  of 18 at a quarter of a million dollars. In the Philippines, some of those who championed the RH bill … Continue reading

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Ignatius of Loyola

A treasure I have found that has been a source of great joy for me is Ignatian Spirituality. I start each day with my prayer moment. This practice has been the source of great joy and consolation, of strength and … Continue reading

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A Successful Marriage Is A Decision

I have received countless blessings in my life. And the greatest of these is my marriage to Anabelle. Our good friend Cora once told me that I can’t start counting my blessing unless I start with Anabelle. And those words … Continue reading

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